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April 21, 2013
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You felt the stinging, cold rain poring down on you, soaking you to the bone. You really couldn't care less though, you were too lost in thought. You weren't in a good mood today and decided to take a walk to clear your mind. You hadn't really been aware of where you were going until you heard footsteps behind you. "You lost, little girl?" asked a tall, thugish man, stepping in front of you. "N-no. Just going to my boyfriend's house" you said, hoping that your lie would be good enough. He laughed and a few more men came into view, laughing as well. You gulped and looked at all of them. They looked like they were some sort of gang,you really didn't want to know what kind. "P-please, let me go" you said as one of them grabbed your arm. They all laughed again and all began to try to grab some part of you. "PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!" you screamed, trying desperately to get away from the men. One of them laughed and yelled, "No one can hear ya, little cutie". You screamed again and just as they were trying to pin you down, you heard a dog barking. Your eyes widened and you screamed again, hoping it was a dog walker out and about. What you saw, however, was just a dog, a German Shepard to be exact. Tears ran down your cheeks and you expected the dog to run away.

Suddenly, the dog ran towards the group of men and began biting them, tearing off pieces of clothing and making the guys yell in pain. "Let's get outta here, man. That dog's rapid or something!" yelled one of the guys and they ran full-speed down the empty street. You gasped, looking at the dog. It was huge, much bigger than a normal German Shepard should be, and it had piercing blue eyes that looked almost human. 'Maybe he's a mix of a Shepard and a Husky' you thought dully to yourself, sitting up painfully. "Thanks boy" you said, scratching the dog behind the ears. It simply stared up at you, sitting right in front of you. You looked around, expecting to see someone looking for him. "Do you have a home, boy?" you asked gently, as if the dog were going to answer you. It stood up and whined a little bit. Nervously, you looked around again, wanting to make sure that the men weren't coming back for a second try at you. "Well, since you saved me, you should come home with me tonight" you said, looking back down at the huge dog. He again stared at you and you sighed, beginning to walk down the sidewalk the way you came. There was a bark from behind you and when you turned, you saw the dog running over to you. When he got to your side, he walked with you, keeping pace. You couldn't help but smile. "You must be a really smart dog if you knew that those men were bad" you said as the rain came down even harder. The dog simply gave a sharp bark and kept walking.

Once you got home, you grabbed a towel. "Come here, boy, you can lay on this while I get changed" you said to the dog, laying the towel down in your living room. You went up to your room and peeled off your soaked clothes, pulling on an old tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants. You tied your wet hair into a messy bun and walked back downstairs. "I don't have any dog food, but you can have the crusts from my pizza, boy" you said to the dog, digging around in the fridge for some cold pizza. "Zat vill be fine, frau" said a voice. You turned and saw a man standing in your kitchen with only a towel on. Jumping, you took a few steps back, shaking. You thought that it must be one of the guys from earlier who had followed you home. "Relax. I am zhe dog" he said, looking down at you. "H-how?" you asked, astonished. He rolled his eyes. "Zat idiot Arthur used his magic and turned me into a dog. I guess zhe charm wore off" he said. He was tall and looked BUILT! He had blonde hair that was messy and wet from the rain. His eyes were still bright, piercing blue. He looked severe, like someone you wouldn't want to cross. You had to admit, he was quite hot.

Blushing, you walked up stairs again, coming down with some clothes for the do-guy. "Here. They were my boyfriend's before he left" you said, turning away as he put them on. "Why did you save me? You don't know me" you asked, turning again when he was done. "Vhy did you take me in, you don't know me" he said, glaring at you. When you didn't reply, he sighed. "I vasn't going to let you get...hurt by zhose men, okay?" he said harshly. You smiled softly. "Well, thank you. I'm _____ by the way. ______ _______" you said. He glanced at you and sighed, smiling slightly. "Ludving. Ludving Beilschmidt" he said. You walked closer to him. "Thank you for saving me Ludwing. What do I owe you?" you asked, looking up at the German man. He blushed lightly and looked away, not meeting your eyes. Smiling, you stood up on your tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. "Come on, let's dry off" you said while dragging the blushing Ludwing behind you.
A fic request made by *Nemico-Tenebre Hope you enjoyed it!
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